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Creative Director Cindy Brummer regularly speaks to groups about user experience design and how it can be leveraged to improve organization goals.

She engages audiences through interactive segments, audience participation, and humor. Her goal is to help audiences take valuable information back to their roles in the workplace.

Current presentation

Oh No! Design Practices to Avoid Unintended Consequences


As UX designers, we have the best intentions for the products we create. The trouble is, it’s the unintended consequences that cause issues. We don’t always think about the terrible results that could come from our designs — sometimes many years in the future. (Is anyone else addicted to their phone and unable to put it down?)

So how can we avoid this? How do we strive to design products and services that help instead of hurt our society?

Learning Objectives

  • Understand examples of design consequences.
  • Create an action plan for considering all potential outcomes.
  • Talk with colleagues productively about potential design consequences.

Cindy also offers the following presentations:

  • Affinity Mapping for Better User Insights and Team Alignment
  • Bringing Design Thinking to the Everyday
  • Designing Your Process
  • Marketing Your Business with Human Focus

Have an upcoming event in need of a speaker?

Cindy is available to speak to groups of 15 to 500. Right now she is speaking virutally! Contact us about how to book her for your next business or professional event.

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