Our Approach

Flexible, agile, and designed to avoid scope creep

If you’ve worked on a design or software project before, you’ve likely encountered a lot of frustrations. We have, too. And we don’t like it.

Have you experienced this?

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Unforeseen costs?

The agency scopes out a project that looks reasonable at first, but then as you and the agency learn more as you get into the project, the price goes up and the timeline extends. You feel anxious because the costs are rising and you’re told that you can’t have everything you originally planned.

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Lack of honesty?

The agency tells you how certain they are of the price and timeline, but as time goes on, you realize that they weren’t being up front and honest. And you end up getting something different that doesn’t meet your needs.


The agency responds to and wins your RFP, but after significant time and cost, the final solution doesn’t meet your intended goals.

There's a better way

We get it. We’ve been there, too.

Software projects have a lot of risk, and many people aren’t used to estimating or mitigating risk. That’s why Standard Beagle’s approach is designed to help our clients understand the true cost of their project.

We value:

  • Honesty over inaccurate estimation just to win the project.
  • Trust and client collaboration over hiding the true cost of the work.

How do we do this?

The information uncovered before we officially start working with a client is not enough to understand the full breadth of the needs and requirements. Our signature process is designed to:

  1. Give clients peace of mind that they made the right choice in working with us
  2. Test potential solutions early with less risk
  3. Identify the true cost of the project

Our Process

Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is a great way for large companies and startups to quickly gain feedback on an idea so they can build relevant digital products, align teams, and ultimately solve problems. We do this more effectively because we have more than 10 years of experience working on digital products and have a range of experience in various industries.

Design Sprint Features

  • 2-week engagement
  • Week 1: 4-day sprint
  • Week 2: Iterations sprint

Design Sprint Benefits

  • Clear feedback on the questions you started with
  • Presentation and report of recommended next steps
  • Product strategy and vision.

Learn more about Design Sprints.

Blueprint Definition

Estimation is often a guessing game, which is why most waterfall projects fail. Standard Beagle’s Blueprint Definition phase removes the guessing.

Blueprint Features

  • One to 2 week engagement
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Tech review

Blueprint Benefits

  • Detailed report of user stories and functional requirements
  • Accurate estimate
  • Roadmap with defined next steps

Clients who move forward with Standard Beagle will be able to apply the amount of investment in the Blueprint Definition toward the next steps in the project.

Technical Architecture

In the Technical Architecture phase, Standard Beagle works with you to take the Blueprint Definition deliverables a step further. We design the technical and system architecture, including platform, storage, hosting, and reporting. All of this is based on the functional requirements and user stories determined in the Blueprint.

Technical Architecture Features

  • Plan for system platform, storage, hosting, and reporting
  • Software architecture systems design
  • Plan PII and HIPAA compliance

Technical Architecture Benefits

  • Identify risks and mitigate
  • Plan for system scalability
  • Future integrations more straightforward and less costly

TRU/X: Agile Design/Development of Features

In our signature TRU/X process, our team focuses on building fully functional features quickly. We design, develop, test and deliver fully functional components at regular intervals.

In this agile and human-centered process, clients don’t have to wait 6 months or even years to see the project come to life. Learn more about what’s involved in TRU/X.

TRU/X Features

  • Weekly agile sprints
  • Design and development tightly integrated

TRU/X Benefits

  • Faster delivery
  • Features and components tested early


We don’t disappear once the project launches. in our Support phase, we provide additional support as users come online to make sure the system runs smoothly.

This is in addition to our 30-day guarantee: We take care of any coding defects we caused that are uncovered in the first 30 days at no cost to the client.

Support Features

  • Team member dedicated to onboarding and adoption
  • Assistance in helping with user questions

Support Benefits

  • Smoother adoption
  • Less stress for internal staff
  • Faster reporting of issues

Our Solutions

We help you understand your customers through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, from user interviews through usability testing.

We design the experience that best suits the customers' needs and motivations through wireframing, visual, and interaction design.

Lower the risk of innovation through our design spring process. Our certified facilitation experts will help you pinpoint an idea, then prototype and test to give you solid answers.

Our experienced, full-stack team is well-versed in building features and enhancements on a continuous basis. We work with you to decide the platform and develop custom solutions.

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